Glogens® Nutrient

Scientific Background

The Essential Nutrient which we produce namely Glogens® Nutrient, which really needed by plants in metabolic system.

Metabolic system in plants is influenced and determined by the role of various compounds with very diverse structures, such as fatty acids, coenzyme and amino acids.

Production or crop yield is strongly influenced by chlorophyll, while the formation of chlorophyll is very determined by the role of glutamic acid (amino acids). Formation of amino acids is determined of Co Enzyme A, while the formation Co Enzyme A is highly determined by fatty acids.

Biosynthesis process of Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is an essential pigment for plant life. It is a complex chemical compound which allows the absorption of light in the green spectrum wavelength. This light energy is used in the metabolic process known as photosynthesis, which is how plants are able to create sugar from carbon dioxide and water.

In order for plants to synthesize chlorophyll, an amino acid known as glutamic acid is required. By Glogens® Nutrient which contains glutamic acid, we are able to enhance chlorophyll production in the plants and thus, have greener, healthier plants.

Biosynthesis of Fat

Fatty acids are an essential ingredient in the formation of the cell membrane structure. They are present in the form of phospholipids which make up majority of the structure, and cholesterol which is necessary for membrane fluidity. However, the specific forms of fatty acids needed to form the membrane can only be synthesized by the cell in the presence of acetyl Co Enzyme A (acetyl CoA), which is also an intermediate product of cell respiration.

Since Glogens® Nutrient contains fatty acids, giving Glogens® Nutrient to the plants would be a beneficial way of providing them with the materials to increase metabolism efficiency and help the plant cells to be healthier and structurally sound

Biosynthesis of Acetyl Co A

Acetyl Co Enzyme A is an intermediate product between carbohydrates and fatty acids. It is also an essential component in respiration, being carboxylized and broken down to release CO2 from cells.

Acetyl CoA is present in SN in order to allow the formation of more carbohydrates and fatty acids, also to increase respiration efficiency.

Essential Nutrient Pathway

All living things cannot fulfil their own an essential nutritional needs, therefore why living things have to eat.

The cycle is illustrates that the process of forming essential nutrient takes place in nature.

With Glogens® technology, the forming of essential nutrient is producing on an industrial scale by SGH.


There is nothing new with the substances of Glogens® Nutrient. It is the technology to make the nutrient at our rate of production cost that is THE NEW INNOVATION. It is much cheaper 100 times than any regular methods of making amino and fatty acids, such as Fermentation or Extraction, and can be easily verified with a simple Lab Test. The application of amino and fatty acids on plants which was previously not economically feasible, can now be done with the Glogens® Technology of Essential Nutrients Formation that we have patented

Glogens® Plant Nutrient

Glogens® Plant Nutrient

Glogens® Livestock Nutrient

Glogens® Livestock Nutrient

Glogens® Poultry Nutrient

Glogens® Poultry Nutrient

Glogens® Fisheries Nutrient

Glogens® fisheries Nutrient