Glogens® Micro Carbon Fertilizer

Scientific Background

At face value, there’s nothing complicated about coal. It’s a combustible sedimentary rock that’s formed from deposits - typically, the remains of plants.

When plants die and are fossilized, those nutrients don’t just go away. Instead, they remain inside coal, where they remain complete and balanced - just waiting to be unlocked.

When coal is harvested, it contains 23 elements that are vital for plant growth. That’s more than seven times what you’ll find in traditional fertilizers.

You’ll get the best output from your plants by offering them plants themselves - but in a highly digestible and usable form.

Our discovery with coal-based technology improves plant growth in a simple way. It activates the latent nutrients in coal and makes it easier for plants to use. It’s a premium product with premium results – but offered at an affordable price.

Glogens® Micro Carbon Fertilizer scientific background
Basic Premise

1. What is harvested is actually (23 elements) much more than what is given to our plant (3 elements).

2. The best output is actually aligned with the input. As with plants, what is the best for plants actually comes from the plants themselves. So the best energy or fertilizer for plants comes from the plants. The best fertilizer is animal manure which is basically plants remains that has been digested, but it is difficult to produce on an industrial scale.

3. Coal comes from fossilized plants and contains complete elements but with complex and inert beta carbon chain. It needs to be simplify and activated so can be utilized by the plants.

4. This process has been patented in USA and Indonesia.

Elements in Coal

Coal is composed of complex mixtures of organic and inorganic compounds. The organic compounds in coal are composed of a few elements but these compounds are extremely complex thus need to be simplified, while the nutrient is inert and needs to be activated.

Analytical chemistry is one method used in research on coal quality with the purpose to determine inorganic elements and compounds to be best utilized by plants.

Glogens® Micro Carbon Fertilizer


Available by ton or sack package (Net. Weight: 55 lbs., 20 lbs., and 5lbs.).

1 ton = 8 acres of coverage.

55lbs = 8,950 sq. ft coverage or 500 (5) Gallon plant pot or 50 grams per (5) gallon plant pot.

20lbs= 3,250 sq. ft coverage or 180 (5) Gallon plant pot or 50 grams per (5) gallon plant pot.

5lbs= 800 sq. ft. coverage or 45 (5) Gallon plant pot or 50 grams per (5) gallon plant pot.


Recommended usage of Glogens® Micro Carbon Fertilizer is: Five (5) 55lbs. bag /per acre for farming.

In case of Glogens® Micro Carbon Fertilizer used as the basic fertilizer, it is not to be mixed with other fertilizer.

If Glogens® Micro Carbon Fertilizer is used as complementary fertilizer, it could be mixed with NPK or Urea.