Our Patented Technologies Takes The Lead

Conventional agriculture is at a crossroads.
On the one hand, most research recognizes that using synthetic fertilizers repeatedly is not a good idea. A good fertilizer will supply nutrients that your plants need while also supporting the life of microorganisms and good soil structure.

Soil health isn’t based on the presence of N-P-K alone - there are lots of variables required to grow healthy crops.

With our innovative technology and environmentally friendly products, farmers will now be able to increase their production yields. You’ll have healthier crops and healthier soils – all while saving thousands of dollars on production.

Glogens® has taken advantage of these two patented unique processes that offer the best of both worlds.

In our essential nutrient process, we looked at ways that we could improve yield by using what Mother Nature has already given us. Plants have everything they need to take care of themselves.

But what if there was a way to improve yield by making them more efficient?

Essential nutrients contain fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, saccharides, and oligosaccharides. All of these are elements needed by all living creatures to sustain growth.

When this nutrient is added, a plant’s metabolic system becomes more efficient at absorbing and using things like water, sunlight, and air.

For example, plants need glutamic acid to produce heavy yields. Amino acids by themselves, though, aren’t necessarily effective at boosting plant growth. It requires a unique blend of nutrients and precise methods of extraction to render these elements useful for plants.

We have that technology - and bring it directly to you in a usable form in our proprietary Glogens® Micro-Carbon Fertilizer.

But that’s not all. Our eco-friendly fertilizers also harness the natural power of coal. Coal is the result of the decomposition of plants as they become fossils.

It contains all of the elements required by plants for growth - but not just any old coal will do the trick. You need to be able to activate the dormant nutrients that are locked inside.

Glogens® Micro-Carbon Fertilizer is the only fertilizer with the ability to do just that.

Whether you’re looking to increase your yield without increasing your budget, reduce your reliance on chemicals, grow a dynamite crop, or simply improve soil health in a sustainable, eco-friendly way, Glogens® is the way to go.