Glogens® Nutrients

U.S. Patent Pending

Glogens® Plant Nutrients and Glogens® Crystalize Nutrients. It is organic, and contains essential nutrients needed by plants and crops in the metabolic system.

Scientific Background


Plant & Crops Metabolic System

The metabolic system in plants and crops is influenced and determined by various compounds with very diverse structures, such as fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, saccharides, and oligosaccharides. All of these are elements needed by all living creatures to sustain growth.


The Essensials

Plants or crops are strongly influenced by chlorophyll, while the formation of chlorophyll is very determined by glutamic acid (amino acids). The formation of amino acids is determined by Co-Enzyme A, while fatty acids highly determine the formation of Co-Enzyme A.

Whether you’re looking to:

  • Increase your yield by lowering your costs
  • Reducing your reliance on chemicals
  • Growing an organic dynamite crop
  • or simply improving soil health in a sustainable, eco-friendly way

Glogens® Organic is the way to go

There is nothing new with the substances of Glogens® Organic Nutrients. It is the technology to make the nutrient at our rate of production cost that is THE NEW INNOVATION.

It is much cheaper 10 TIMES than any conventional method of making amino and fatty acids, such as Fermentation or Extraction, and can easily verify with a simple Lab Test. The application of amino and fatty acids on plants, which was previously not economically feasible, can now be done with the Glogens® Organic Nutrients Essential Nutrients Formation that patented.

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Non Toxic

No harsh chemicals

Biostimulant based

Biostimulant based

Nutrient uptake

Promotes nutrient uptake

Enhance respiration

Enhance respiration

Hormone regulation

Plant hormone regulation

Improve production

Improve production

boost soil health

Strengthen and boost soil health

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