Mission Statement

At Glogens®, we're on a mission to promote sustainable and regenerative farming through our organic fertilizers and nutrients. Our commitment is to enrich soil health, increase crop yields, and minimize environmental impact. We aim to empower growers and communities to embrace organic agriculture for a more sustainable future.

Using our next-generation patented technology in the agriculture industry, we will enable farmers to grow healthier crops, increase their yield, lower their costs, and improve their soil health. Most importantly:

  • Made in USA

Core Values

G od
We believe in supporting the land that God has given us. Our fertilizers don't destroy the Earth we've been blessed to receive; they support and nourish it. We think it's essential for us to partner with eco-friendly farmers and producers who want to produce a clean, safe place to live that honors creation and future generations.
L and and Water
At Glogens®, we know that sustainability matters on both land and water. That's why we create products for livestock, plants, and fisheries. (Coming soon)
O rganic Solution
Our dedication to solutions at Glogens® is timeless and unwavering. We produce certified fertilizers and supplements free from harmful processes, ingredients, and materials. Our goal is to support, protect, and nourish the environment to help us naturally by offering the soil precisely what it needs - instead of forcing it to bend to our needs.
G reen Future
Believing in a green future means embracing sustainability, innovation, and responsible stewardship of the planet. It involves recognizing the importance of environmental conservation and taking active steps to minimize our impact on the Earth. By advocating for cleaner energy sources, reducing waste, and supporting eco-friendly practices, we can work towards a future where the planet and its resources are preserved for future generations. Believing in a green future also involves fostering a mindset of global responsibility and understanding that our actions have lasting consequences. It's about envisioning a world where harmony between humanity and nature is achievable and actively working to make that vision a reality.
E nvironmental Quality
At Glogens®, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the highest-quality products that improve environmental quality. We work directly with farmers and other stakeholders who care about the land, the crops, the people, and the environment. We strive daily to improve our processes, our pricing, and our market opportunities so that we can continue to improve the environmental benefits of our products.
N eighborly Relationships
Glogens® strives to create a community with sustainable, meaningful values. We provide our employees with a legitimate and rewarding livelihood and work with local farmers and stakeholders to develop and distribute our products. We want to help enhance the health and well-being of the local community.
S ustainability
At Glogens®, our products center around a healthy, sustainable community that will be successful in both the short- and long term. We want to be the inspiration for other sustainable enterprises and farm solutions to help enhance the health of our environment for years to come.