About Us

Our products are based on years of research and development that led to the patent of two exclusive technologies in The United States of America and Indonesia. We specialize in two distinct processes. One of these processes forms essential nutrients for plants and animals, and another that produces coal-based fertilizers.

Essential nutrient formation technology has proven to enhance the natural functioning of plant and animal cells. Similarly, coal-based fertilizer is a natural way to supply all of the nutrients your plants need for improved production. It does this without depleting soil health with harsh chemicals. When used together, these technologies can dramatically increase crop yield and reduce your reliance on synthetic chemicals.

The result?

Healthier crops, healthier soil, and a healthier environment without putting an additional cost to your bottom line.

Glogens® is a green, eco-friendly company with a focus on providing fertilizers and amendments for farms all over the world.

Grow Better – Together - with Glogens®